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There are three primary types of tenant improvement projects that are typically submitted for review and approval; 1) a new business locating in a previously unoccupied tenant space. 2) a new business locating in a previously occupied tenant space and 3) an expansion/ modification of an existing business.

1) New Business locating in a previously unoccupied space

  • Is the proposed business use allowed at that location?
  • What additional improvements may be required with the project?
  • What fees are required?

When considering starting your new business, it is recommended that you verify with the City that the proposed business is allowed "permitted" at your chose location. 

The level of improvements that are typically required with this type of tenant improvement project are usually building code related such as constructing accessible restrooms (1 unisex facility with satisfy most retail & office businesses of less than 1,500 sq. ft.); a tenant demising wall and ceiling within the tenant space; installing a complete HVAC system within the tenant space, electrical system and providing Title 24 Energy Lighting Compliance calculation and fire sprinklers & alarm system modifications.

In addition, other improvements may include: 1) Installing rooftop HVAC equipment (including mechanical, plumbing, and electrical & structural). 2) Installing wall and roof insulation and 3) Providing Title 24 Energy Envelope & Mechanical Compliance for the tenant space.

Tenant Improvement projects are assessed building permit, plan check and seismic fees based upon the valuation of the project proposed.  The project valuation is based upon two factors 1) The cost per square foot and 2) the proposed use.  All fees are determined by the Building Division.

2) New Business Locating in a Previously Occupied Space

3) A Business Expansion and/ or Modification