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Entheos Design Group is architectural design commercial and residential company.  Entheos Design Group have experience in working out the architectural design and supervision and multi-purpose and multi-story buildings and modeling of different building projects.

Entheos Design Group is Tenant Improvement Specialist.  We are professional consultants who expedite the permit process for your commercial tenant improvement.  Our main object is to make sure the job is completed from start to finish.

Entheos Design Group has a diverse portfolio ranging from commercial and retail, to restaurants and residential construction. We have extensive experience in Japanese restauants.

While most of our projects are in the Greater Los Angeles area, we have also done projects in Riverside County, Orange County and Ventura County.  We also have done projects in Northern California such area as Monterey, San Jose and San Francisco.

Entheos Design Group prides on taking a consultative approach in working with our clients the best service and care.  Many of our clients have entrusted multiple projects with Entheos Design Group due to our high level of customer satisfaction.